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Along with the use of standard, already tested through practice solutions, we develop new schemes taking into account industries, business processes’ specific features, structures and customers’ goals. We use software and hardware platforms of our own design, as well as other national and international brands.

Integrated security system for oil and gas industry


  • Interruptions or stoppages of work can lead to loss of economic control failure at the municipal or regional level or a significant decrease in the life safety of the population.
  • Strict requirements of the legislation.
  • Strict access regime: entrance to the objects is carried out by passes.
  • Visitors’ access except on the grounds is prohibited.

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List of solutions included in the CSS:

PSIM-class software

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Package of services

We have high industry and business competencies, so we are ready to offer a full range of services for the development, design, installation and maintenance of systems.

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