Unified badge room
The solution allows you to automize the registration and the issuance of the passes of all types valid at the enterprises.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To integrate the access control system of different manufacturers and display the information in a unified interface.

  • To reduce the time of visitors’ registration and increase the speed of passes’ issuance.

  • To create comfortable conditions for the reception of visitors.

  • To provide electronic documentation of all the information related to the passes’ registration, and the reports construction filtered according to various criteria.

  • To eliminate problems associated with the information unsychronization in databases.

  • To implement common configuration tools for all subsystems.

The advantages of the solution
  • The automation of the passes registration procedure used by visitors and employees for the entry to the object.
  • Electronic applications for visiting the enterprise by employees of third-party organizations and individuals execution.
  • Passes issuance for individuals, vehicles and material assets of any type (biometric, electronic with smart card access and paper).
  • Actions authorization to create, to activate, to block, to unlock and to deactivate passes.
  • Setting an identifier (for electronic passes) to all passes and pretuned access rights to use the pass.
  • Biometric fingerprint templates setup, recording them to the access card.
  • Hard copies of the pass production, according to pre-created examples.
  • The composition of the solution

    • Personal computer
    • Control USB card reader
    • Biometric scanner
    • Multifunction device (colour laser printer, scanner, copier)
    • Laminator
    • Sublimation printer for printing on plastic cards
    • Full HD WEB camera with a tripod
    • White background on a tripod
    The characteristics of the solution
    • Different types of passes registration: permanent, temporary, single-use, for people, for cars, for material objects of various types (access card, paper passes, the possibility of simultaneous registration of additional documents, the form of the employee’s personal card, badge, etc.).
    • Support for various identifiers (access cards, car numbers, biometric characteristics of a person).
    • Biometric templates input directly in the badge room.
    • Video imaging from the WEB camera, cropping the image and saving photos to the database.
    • Obtaining from the scanner and saving to a database digital images of documents, text automatic recognition and relevant fields filling, and populate the corresponding fields, unidentified fields marking in red and identified with errors – in yellow colour, autofill the photography field with the photo from the document, if needed.
    • Material objects (laptop, instruments, etc.), allowed to carry through the checkpoint, binding to the pass.
    • Implementation of the electronic system of passes ordering and approval on the basis of the web-interface.
    • Automation of applying access zone indications and special symbols (passwords) to the pass.
    • "Black list" maintaining and checking people for whom passes are issued.
    Operating procedure’s example

    The applicant when applying for a pass fills in part of the information. At the end of the approval process, the application is automatically exported to the badge room, where they enter the missing information, register and issue the pass. Below you will find the operation principle without the use of applications system for passes’ registration.

    1. The type of the pass selection

    2. Pass’s holder data input: ID, time tracking, access rights, connected passes and biometric data if needed.

    • Personal data can be filled in manually or automatically by scanning documents (passport, driver's license).
    • The "Biometrics" tab allows you to save the fingerprints of the pass holder in the database, upload them to the card, check the correspondence of the owner's fingerprints with the fingerprints recorded on the card, clear the card from the recorded fingerprints.
    • The “Connected passes” tab allows you to assign a specific attendant (if necessary), as well as to link a list of drivers who drives a specified vehicle or a list of vehicles that a specified driver drives.

    3. Taking photo of the pass’s holder.

    • The function of taking photos allows to use the connected equipment and to enter images (photos) of the person in the database online from a web camera. It is possible to automatically fill in the field with a photo from a passport or a driver's license for single-use non-personalized passes.

    4. Pass activation

    • A pass becomes effective and its issuance to the object (a pass’s holder) is fixed.

    5. A pass’s printing based on the template that is approved for the pass type.

    6. Deactivation of the pass.

    • The fact of the used pass’s delivery (return) is fixed.
    • After the electronic pass has been deactivated, the card can be assigned to another pass for reuse.