Integrated bank’s security command center
A complete solution for operational signal capture, the estimation of the threat criticality level, the selection of counteraction scenarios, incident results acquisition and analysis, the effectiveness evaluation of the actions taken.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To automate all safety management functions: planning, implementation, motivation, control and coordination.

  • To reduce the negative impact of the human factor.

  • To reduce threat reaction time.

  • To receive objective and reliable information about the facility security level in real time.

  • To improve the efficiency of existing equipment at the facility.

The advantages of the solution
  • Information collection and processing from all security systems of the facility.
  • Timely and consistent response to threats.
  • Control of deviations from regulations, training, progress reporting.
  • Daily activities automation of security forces, incident response, management of physical security systems.
  • Security levels management.
  • Detection of violations in the security measures taken.
  • The composition of the solution

    The characteristics of the solution
    • Improving the efficiency of bank branches’ protection:
      • Integration of street situational video analysis, installed on bank facades.
      • Integration of multivendor security systems.
      • Integration of computer and network equipment monitoring system to detect faults of integrated security system components.
    • Improvement the efficiency of ATM’s protection:
      • Detection of violations in several ways simultaneously: dispenser’s shutter opening sensors, false door opening sensor, vibration sensor, gas leak detector, ATM motion detector without face registration, parking a car at the front door.
      • Automation of alarm verification.
      • Videosurveillance operator actions’ coordination with the rapid reaction team.
      • Time control of the rapid reaction team’s arrival to the scene.
      • Automation of the Internet monitoring, including social networks and forums, in order to increase control over the publication of information on how to hack ATMs and Internet activity of users taking part in the discussion.
    • Improving the effectiveness of cash-in-transit guards’ protection:
      • Detection of violations in the movement of cash-in-transit vehicles (e.g. unarranged stops, route violations).
      • Equipping cash-in-transit guards with mobile devices, which provide emergency call and voice communication with a guard post, control the life parameters of cash-in-transit guards’ contingency (sleeping, pulse rate reduction or stop, running).
    • Comprehensive analysis of incoming signals:
      • Detection of illegal and risky banking transactions.
      • Detection of strange users activity in the information system.
      • Detection of violations related to untimely arm alarm security system of important premises of the cash unit.
      • Detection of broken or blocked alarm annunciators.
      • Deviations in the regulations on elimination of technical security systems’ problems.
    • Planning and work control of the physical security forces of the bank branches, as well as outsourcing PSCs (Private Security Company):
      • Creation of available resources (workforce and means) database.
      • Points’ arrangement on the map and plans, work schedules appointment for posts.
      • Providing information on the current use of resources, displaying the location and status of forces and resources, assigning tasks to them.
      • Equipping PSC’s cars and staff with protected mobile device similarly used for cash-in-transit guards.
      • Detection of violations in the guard force’s work in the bank branches: excommunication from posts, deviations from instructions.
      • Detection of violations in the PSC’s work: late arrival, delays on the route, etc.
    • Safety monitoring of the Bank's branch offices network :
      • Creation of a centralized or polycentric structure of the monitoring system.
      • Registration of the verification result and the reason for the decision with the direction of the event processing according to one of 3 scenarios: a false alarm’s registration, verification with the help of security forces, incident response.
      • Providing operators with the information they need to make decisions, automating the execution of response instructions for this type of incident, and initiating the collection of important information to investigate the incident.
      • Radio wire integration and alerts automation.
      • The management of physical protection forces automation, assigning tasks to them and immediate transfer of the information needed to look for and arrest trespassers without delay.
      • Operators’ work control, identifying deviations from incidents’ reaction rules.