Electronic pass application system
The solution automates ordering, agreement and issuance of all type passes.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To distinguish user access to information in compliance with the area of responsibility.

  • To reduce passes’ registration and issuance time.

  • To reduce the risk of intruders access to the facility.

  • To effect storage, use and analysis of facility visitors’ data.

  • To integrate passes application system with existing ACS software.

The advantages of the solution
  • Increase of access mode control by all system events’ registration.
  • A specialist making a request receives the information about the application’s status (passing through the approval procedure).
  • Control of the intruders violating applications approval procedure.
  • Control and access rights differentiation of user to the system’s functional capacity.
  • Recording of passes applications and setting up various reports.
  • The composition of the solution

    • AWS of the passes’ order;
    • AWS of applications approval ;
    • AWS of ESM-RC administrator;
    • Safety instructor terminal (installed if necessary);
    • Terminal for informing about the application’s status (installed if necessary)
    The characteristics of the solution
    •  Application formation
      • Application templates for each type of entity: a person, a vehicle, material values.
      • Assignment of a unique number and bar code to the application for fast access retrieval in the general list and the ability to output the information about its status.
      • Application template’s editor.
      • Export/import of application templates to Excel files.
      • Attaching additional files to the application (the size of one attachment is not more than 20 MB).
      • Possibility of a group application.
      • “Delayed filling" function.
      • Applicants' personal data security.
      • Online application’s status Information.
    •  Approval
      • System of multi-level applications approval with an opportunity of approval rights’ separation. Setting up an approval scheme depending on the type of the application and access zone.
      • Sending notifications to signatories asking for an application’s approval.
      • Additional control of the Work safety service: accounting data on instruction pass of the safety rules at the facility, printing a journal of people getting through an instruction.
      • Visitor’s control by the security service: checking visitors on lists of violators. Control of visitor's arrival time to the approved site.
    •  Issuance of passes
      • Registration and printing of paper passes, issuance of access cards.
      • Setting up a terminal to inform visitors about the application status (if necessary).
    •  Report generation
      • Ability to generate reports and configure emailing of results using the report builder.