Bank’s checkpoints
The solution allows the security service to automate the work of passing vehicles, drivers and passengers through the checkpoint in accordance with the enterprise’s access mode.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To increase checkpoints’ transit speed.

  • To provide available access to the bank's territory, zones and lockable rooms.

  • To receive objective and reliable information on the system and the actions of the security service making way individuals and vehicles.

The advantages of the solution
  • Automation of the entrance security cabin and airlock’s work.
  • Automation of passage through the transport air-locking checkpoint, taking into account the category of the vehicle, the state of the sensors and the commands of the guard.
  • Automation of passage through the transport checkpoint, including the air lock.
  • Automation of centralized submission and approval of applications for passes issuance, registration, automatic activation / deactivation in multivendor ACS of the bank's branch network.
  • Organization of electronic reporting about ACS and badge room’s work.
  • The composition of the solution

    The characteristics of the solution

    • Support for air-lock cabins and full-height turnstiles equipped with scale platforms.
    • Use of biometric identification.
    • Ability to automatically activate/deactivate biometric readers at the moment of activating/deactivating in a high security system or according to a schedule.
    • Safes for storage of key cases and safes for storage of small items.
    • Interdiction for an employee to leave the bank if he/she has not passed an important room under protection and there are no other employees at the facility responsible for passing it under protection.
    • Visitor’s passage through the gateway or door with the registration of the attendant.
    • Division of people and cars into categories and setting different ACS algorithms for different categories.
    • Operating access modes switching from the reader’s keyboard.