Checkpoints of the transport sector
The solution allows the security service to automate the work of passing vehicles, drivers and passengers through checkpoints in the transportation security zone or on critical elements, according to the enterprise’s access mode.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To meet the requirements of the transport legislation.

  • To identify and register every entity (person or vehicle) that crosses the borders of the transport security zone (site territory).

  • To embody the actions of the guard checkpoint: all major actions of the guard are confirmed on the control desk by his own access card with the generation of events in the ACS with information about the action performed and the cardholder.

The advantages of the solution
  • Capability to set any passage algorithm that can be represented as a flowchart, including non-linear and template algorithms for standard access points.
  • Real fact registration of driver and passengers’ crossing the checkpoint by car.
  • Personification of all system management activities.
  • Identification of individuals and/or vehicles that are objects of videosurveillance, based on videosurveillance data (hereinafter — video identification) when they move through the checkpoint at the transport security zone borders and/or critical elements.
  • Electronic documentation of the staff and visitors’ movement to and from the transport security zone and critical elements.
  • Decision on compliance of the permanent pass with the use of biometric devices at the checkpoint of the transport security zone borders and critical elements.
  • Control, restriction and authorization of access of staff and visitors to areas and premises through access points equipped with ACS items.
  • Data transfer to the system for gathering the results of technical monitoring and control of transport infrastructure facilities.
  • The characteristics of the solution
    • Changing the algorithms of access points (checkpoints, security zones) when changing the security level (depending on the operational situation and the information about the threat).

    • Checking the vehicle ACS rights in the inspection area by means of external control panels (ECPs) located in each inspection area.

    • Tracking mechanism: the subject cannot enter the zone of transport security by one-time pass without subsequent presentation of the attendant’s pass (ACS records events this way: "Subject X entered by one-time pass accompanied by an employee of Y").

    • Simultaneous use of vehicle identification using RFID tags (cards) and car numbers recognizer.

    • Installation of card readers with bio verification at all checkpoint’s turnstiles, through which there is the access to the area of transport security.

    • Visual informing of drivers about the checkpoint’s working hours and necessary actions using LED displays (crawl lines).