Pedestrian checkpoint at the enterprise
The solution allows the security service to automate the work of passing employees, visitors, contractors, passengers through checkpoints.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To meet legal requirements using methods that do not reduce the transit speed.

  • To provide authorized access to the territory of the enterprise, to areas and restricted access locations.

  • To increase checkpoint’s transit speed.

  • To receive objective and reliable information on the system and security service’s work for passing of employees, visitors and contractors.

The advantages of the solution
  • Control and permission management of individuals to the territory of the enterprise.
  • Automatic information return that is necessary for staff work time logging in the automated system of labor force management.
  • Control of contractors’ number of employees located in the territory. Revealing contractors’ attempts to close actually not performed or overestimated quantity of work.
  • Minimizing possible breaches of the entry permit procedure associated with personnel errors.
  • Prevention of illegal removal of inventory from the enterprise.
  • Creation of various types of secure gateways.
  • Changing entry points’ operating procedures on change of the security level.
  • The composition of the solution

    • Blocking equipment (turnstiles, electrically controlled locks)
    • Indicating devices (information boards, warning lights)
    • Devices for entering identification characteristics (readers, including biometric)
    • AWS of centralized security service’s post and photo verification at local posts
    • Controllers and control panels (with touch-screens)
    • AWS of the badge room
    • Access card
    • Screening equipment
    The characteristics of the solution
    • Adaptable passage scheme:
      • Tracking signals from screening systems in passage schemes.
      • Simultaneous entry forbiddance through closely installed turnstiles using one card.
      • Interdiction for an employee to leave the territory if he/she has not passed an important room under protection and there are no other employees at the facility responsible for passing it under protection.
      • Personified entry of employees not in their shift with the possibility of registering the reason.
      • Passage scheme support of delegations without passes registration and their activation by privileged users.
      • Various options of the access scheme with an attendant.
      • Material objects (inventory, laptop, instruments, etc.), allowed to carry through the checkpoint, binding to one-time or permanent pass.
      • An employee group’s right of entry only after automatic breathalyzing.
    • Identification and verification
      • Support for dual and biometric identification with registration of biometric templates from the main software of the Badge room.
    • Reporting
      • Working hours accounting: at daytime and out of hours (abusive application detection of multiplying factors to the labor compensation fund).
      • Comparison of the total number of man-hours worked by contractors for each contract.
    • Control of operators and controllers
      • Personification of all system management activities.
      • Quality control of inspection activities.