Reporting system of transportation’s movement through control points
The solution allows you to automate the control of functional and production processes at the moment of shipping commercial products into vehicles. It is designed and built on the basis of ACS transport checkpoints.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To control the accurate passage of the route by road while shipping products of the enterprise.

  • To detect violations in online environments and to automate response actions in accordance with the regulations.

  • To register the type and volume of products shipped at each vehicle, each route and maintain the information in a database.

  • To compare the volume of actually shipped products with planned values from the ERP system of the enterprise.

The advantages of the solution
  • Car registration at all control points of the route with personalization and logging of employees' actions.
  • Identification of car number, video recording at entry/exit and scale platforms.
  • Indication of passing control points status.
  • Routes’ passage time control.
  • Analysis of control points’ passage correctness and issuance of exit permits.
  • Issuance of alarm events in real time when violations are detected, the possibility of investigating violations before the departure of the car (excluding mistaken prohibition of cars’ departure).
  • Reporting on routes and control points, weight of vehicles, volume of shipped products.
  • The composition of the solution

    • Automated checkpoints
    • Control points with number and access cards’ recognition, using global positioning system
    • Auto-weighing and automatic offloading stations (integration)
    • Corporate system of resource planning and enterprise management system (integration)
    • Data processing and analysis tools
    Example of the algorithm

    There are 3 different results of the route passage:

    • Correct
      • If all control points (CT) are passed in the time specified for them. The car is released from the enterprise with a checkpoint controller.
    • Violation with alarm
      • If the car violated CT sequence, the car is not released by the system from the territory of the enterprise, it is sent by the controller to the special parking lot. After analyzing the situation, it is released from the enterprise, after marking the situation as resolved.
    • Violation without trouble
      • The sequence of CT is not breached, but there is a violation of the time of CT. The car is released from the enterprise by the checkpoint controller. Violations are reflected in the report.

    In case of non-compliance with the sequence of control points’ passage, the system provides an alarm signal to the remote control of the duty shift in addition to the output of information to the controller.