Transportation checkpoint at the enterprise
The solution allows the security service to automate the work of passing vehicles, drivers and passengers through the checkpoint according to the enterprise’s access mode.

This solution is for You if it is necessary:

  • To provide authorized access to the territory of the enterprise.

  • To increase checkpoint’s transit speed.

  • To receive objective and reliable information on the system and security service’s work of vehicles passing in real-time mode.

  • To reduce enterprise’s losses at receipt, shipment and movement of inventory.

The advantages of the solution:
  • Automation of checkpoints’ operating procedures.
  • Fixing the fact of crossing the checkpoint by car, driver and passengers.
  • The principle’s accomplishment: each subject (vehicle and person) must be identified and registered when crossing the site and separate zones.
  • Personification of the guard's actions: all the main actions of the guard are confirmed by his own access card.
  • Registration of vehicles located on the territory and saving the passage of vehicle’s history.
  • Full recording of ACS.
  • The composition of the solution

    • Remote-control blocking devices
    • Cameras with car’s number recognition
    • Card readers and car tag reader
    • Passage registration sensors
    • External passage control panels
    • Display panels for informing drivers
    • Overview cameras
    • Access controllers
    • Computer work stations (CWS)
    The characteristics of the solution
    • Passage algorithms:
      • Modifying checkpoint’s operation algorithms on change of security level and during peak load. For example, activation of the car’s two-factor identification at the threat’s increase level.
      • Drivers’ access permit after automatic pass of breath test, random testing on a casual basis, saving per mille results.
      • Possibility to divide motor transport into categories setting various access algorithms.
      • Drivers’ visual information sharing about accurate number identification, checkpoint’s working hours and necessary actions with the help of led displays.
    • Identification and verification
      • Support of separate car and driver’s identification, a driver’s right to pass through a checkpoint by this car.
      • Possibility to register NFC-compatible passes (for example, Mifare) and photo verification of their holders using mobile devices.
      • Automatic car photo’ uploading to the database in order to use it in future for photo verification.
    • Reporting
      • Total number comparison of entrances and hours at the territory for a selected vehicle category (for example, construction vehicles) for each contract.
      • Registration of import goods’ type and amount for contractors’ vehicles.
    • Control of operators and controllers
      • Personification of all system management activities.
      • Quality control of inspection activities.

      Example of a car passage algorithm through a checkpoint
      • A car drives to a traffic-control barrier.
      • A camera registers a coming up car.
      • Image data comes on a dedicated server, where register number’s identification is performed.
      • A driver registers personal pass at the reader.
      • The system displays information on the workstation from the database about the car and the driver.
      • If a driver has a right to enter, there will be given a command to enter a traffic-control barrier. In other cases, the operator will be offered to open the equipment manually or to deny access.
      • After checking the photo printed on the pass and inspecting the vehicle, the checkpoint controller presses the button "Inspection is carried out" on the remote control.
      • The system raises the swing-beam and turns on the green traffic light.
      • Автомобиль въезжает на территорию, система регистрирует факт проезда автомобиля и водителя.