Ekaterinburg Arena

Maksim Kretinin

Sales Manager

The implemented project cuts across all security systems of the stadium.

Straightforward integration of Panamera cameras, used to control visitors in the stands, was one of the greatest challenges that faced the system.

The implementation of the system took place in hyper-tight deadline. The works were executed qualitatively; the functional capabilities of the system were implemented to the greatest possible extent.

As a result, the system based on ESM worked over for the full 100% during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and was highly appreciated by the stadium security service.

Our certified partner Lanburg, LLC carried out the project.


Integration into a unified systems complex of SVN SecurOS fire and security alarm and ACS on Rubezh-Global solutions;


Management arrangements of security procedures;


Creation of the situation center.

Cultural monument

The status of the cultural heritage site, in the list of cultural monuments of regional significance.


Over 25 000

Ekaterinburg Arena

One of the largest entertainment centers in Russia.

There was created a united stadium security control center based on PSIM ESM platform, integrating the subsystem by the principle of “one-stop shop”: - videosurveillance and video analysis systems; - security, alarm and fire alarm systems; - access control system; - data collection and processing system.


There were set up operator response scenarios with the required set of instructions for each type of threat in order to reduce operator load and to increase response speed.


The system provides real-time control of the security support actions taken and records all operators’ actions for each incident.

Customer benefits
  • Integration of solutions into a united complex;
  • Ability to switch quickly the system’s modes (depending on the level of the event);
  • Control and support of operator.
Customer feedback

We aimed to create an advanced security system that would provide a high level of the stadium’s protection during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As a customer, we needed a new arrangement solution focused on managing the situation not just on monitoring violations. That is why we chose the ESM software (Electronika Security Manager) developed by the company Electronika.

All works under the scope of the project were executed at high quality level. The system built on the ESM basis is operated successfully by the security service and has a high technological reserve for development.

Tishchenko O. O.

Manager of the stadium Central, FSUE, Sport-In


Slavneft-JANOS, oil refinery plant. The largest oil refinery plant in the Northern region of Russia.
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