New Security Philosophy

    Modern security system includes three elements:
  • Technical means
  • Engineering structures
  • Safety forces
  • Despite the scientific and technological progress, the person remains the key factor of the CRS. No matter how modern the equipment at the facility is, the effectiveness of the system depends on minimizing the negative consequences of the human factor.

    The main trend of the new philosophy of security is the transition from observation to management. From the installation of technical protection means to reduce risks, decreasing the impact of the human factor and ensuring the necessary security level.

    The philosophy of the security’s main question is "Who is the main: the operator or the system?” The new philosophy of security answers - both. It solves the problem by developing from ergatic (1) types of systems to cyber-physical (2).

    We create cyber-physical systems in which a human controls the security system, and a security system controls the human.

    A system is when a human-operator is a constituent element. The main features of such systems are socio-psychological aspects of management.

    Information technology concept implicates the integration of computing resources in physical processes. These systems interact with each other using standard Internet protocols for predicting, self-adjusting and adapting to changes.

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