A device for building access control and alarm systems.

The controller is a universal hardware and software platform that controls other controllers and devices in access and alarm systems.

Fields of application

Motor transport checkpoints

  • Implementation of complex algorithms for passing cars;
  • Effective work with different groups of rights;
  • High information content for ACS needs.

Facility-based ACS

  • Global antipassback;
  • ACS management as one controller;
  • Personification of any actions in the system.

Building automation system

  • Configuration of any management scenarios and interaction of subsystems;
  • Easy integration and management.

Pedestrian checkpoints

  • Multi-shift and sliding access schedules;
  • Flexible event processing scenarios;
  • Recording the facts of actual passage through the checkpoint

Security and alarm systems

  • Implementation of complex algorithms of arming/disarming;
  • Organization of interaction with other subsystems.

Transport equipment diagnosis systems

  • Possibility of full platform reconfiguration for transport diagnostics tasks.
Main features of PCE controller
  • Advanced networking and high reliability;
  • Work sustainability;
  • Flexible branching and looping algorithms to accommodate different tasks and operating conditions;
  • Personification of any system management actions;
  • Configurable command system;
  • Highly scalable PCE-based solutions;
  • Common interfaces;
  • Integration of multivendor equipment.
Unique features of ACS and SOS, implemented on the basis of PCE controllers
  • Construction of access control and management systems (ACS), security alarm systems (SOS) on a large geographically distributed facility;
  • Implementation on the basis of a single hardware console of various security posts, without regard of the task’s scale (local security post or a united command center);
  • Implementation of authorized access on multi-shift work schedules of employees;
  • Passage through the checkpoint of an employee called not in his shift;
  • Control of taking under protection of premises at the exit from the object;
  • PCE collaboration with vehicle numbers readers;
  • Automatic photographing of the car and entering the photo into the database;
  • Recording of the actual fact of crossing the checkpoint by car, driver and passengers;
  • Complex algorithms of ACS motor transport checkpoint;
  • Global prohibition of re-entrance and the global zoning of the facility;
  • Automatic change of access algorithms when changing the degree of threat to the object.
A key feature of PCE in OTS
Number of loops controlled by one controller 10 000
Number of hardware consoles for receiving notifications 1 000
Number of cards (passwords) 65 500
Grouping loops into groups (sections) 20 000
Ability to set/remove different sections with a single card Implemented
Accuracy of event logging time 1 second
Setting/removing control using access cards or personal code number of access levels (by setting/removing) Implemented
Hardware integration with ACS Implemented
Numbering of objects of protection (sections) in accordance with the numbering of the list Implemented (up to 9 numbers)
Event log size 100 000
Number of access levels (by setting/removing) 10 000
A key feature of PCE in ACS
Number of card users 100 000
Number of access levels 65 500
Supported access cards Mifare, iClass, HID, EMmarin
Support for multi-shift and sliding work schedules
Support for holidays and special days 255 types
Support for the mode locking of the doors access control Yes (2, 3 or more doors)
Number of access points per 1 controller Up to 64
Accuracy of event logging time 1 second
The global prohibition of repeated passage (global antipassback) Implemented (up to 9 numbers)
Using a car number as an identifier Implemented
Personification teams Implemented
Working with elevators Implemented
Fixation of the fact of real passage/passage through the access point Implemented
Offline work with event log Implemented
Hardware integration with security alarm system (OTS) Implemented
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