ESM (Electronika Security Manager)

ESM is Electronika’s flagship development, PSIM*-class software for the different sites’ security management. ESM is included in the domestic software registry and is certified in accordance with RF Government Regulation №969 as part of hardware and software complex. The product has already been introduced at a large amount of transport and industry facilities, at the places of mass stay of people. The platform is flexible: it becomes integrated with various systems at different levels depending on customer’s specific needs.

ESM completes from global Federal to narrow specific tasks. It is possible to create a federal-level integrated security system with a rapid response, incident and configuration management on the basis of the software. A special solution for one of the enterprise activity’s local direction could be developed, for example, setting up a perimeter protection system or an access control system.

ESM is the first Russian PSIM-class software product.

* Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is an intelligent software for data collection and data management by means of a user’s common interface in order to decrease response time to threats.

Tasks and features of ESM software complex
  • 01.

    Different security systems’ combination on a single platform.

  • 02.

    Centralized security management through scenarios.

  • 03.

    Control and analysis of operators' actions.

  • 04.

    The decrease of the human factor’s negative influence.

ESM’s work basis are scenarios for the response to various types of threats

When an incident occurs, ESM gives the operator step-by-step instructions. They are developed on the basis of internal enterprise regulations. The operator does not spend extra seconds to make the right decision in a critical situation.

Alert functions for all concerned in the case of an incident are maximally automated, and the information about it is registered in the system. All data is saved and used for analysis and reporting. The stored information forms the base to improve the security system.

ESM as a tool to improve the efficiency of the security system (SS).

An effective security system is the timely detection of threats, their reflection and elimination with the subsequent analysis of the measures taken. In addition to the "observe" principle, the system must learn the "manage" principle.

According to these criteria, the ESM system created by us consists of 4 logical modules: integration, analytics, management, monitoring and control.

Signal processing circuit

    ESM implementation’s effectiveness consists of the following:
  • 01.

    High level of protection from external and internal threats.

  • 02.

    Object manageability and transparency increase for management.

  • 03.

    Cost minimization on the site’s equipping at the expense of systems integration and use of existing infrastructure, as well as the costs for security system’s staff.

  • 04.

    Security system’s coordination and efficiency to resolve alarming situations and counter violations.

  • 05.

    Risk management and proactive decision making.

  • 06.

    Work discipline improvement, elimination of product theft’s chains and other offenses.

  • 07.

    Synergistic effect from the integrated system’s work (process automation, use of the system’s resources by production services).

Base components line
  1. Electronika Security Manager Basic (ESM-Basic).
  2. Electronika Security Manager Professional (ESM-Professional).
  3. Electronika Security Manager Enterprise (ESM-Enterprise).
The standard list of instructions on response
Terrorist threats
  • Detection of an unattended object
  • Anonymous threat about an explosive device
Violation of access mode
  • Unauthorized access attempt
  • Reading an unregistered card
  • Attempt of unauthorized removal of goods and materials (inventory)
  • Suspicion of intoxication
  • Detection of prohibited items and substances
  • Suspicion of detection of objects and substances prohibited for uncontrolled distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation
Violation of internal security policy
  • Other violations of internal security policy
  • Careless storage of inventory
  • Theft
  • Smoking in undisclosed locations
  • Car accident in the territory
  • Public order disturbance
Alarm signals of the security system
  • Activation of alarm
  • Activation of perimeter security alarm (including penetration of the intruder at the perimeter)
  • Activation of the object security alarm (including penetration of the intruder at the protected object)
Emergencies and accidents
  • Fire (activation of automatic fire alarm system or fire extinguishing, manual fire alarm)
  • Accident
Violation of the response rules
  • Lack of response to threat
Security system malfunction
  • Security system malfunction
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