Sochi International Airport

Andrey Skvortsov

Development Director

"The project affects all facilities and territory of the airport, functioning 24 hours a day. It was necessary to implement it in connection with other airports of the southern hub, in order to obtain subsequently a unified system of transport and aviation security management, working on common technologies.

Analytical work and concept development took more than a year. The latest generation technologies were used in the technical solution: biometric access control to the security zones by 3D face model and fingerprints, video analytics, incident management under scenarios.

Finally, the system was successfully tested by The Winter Olympics in 2014 and was highly appreciated by the customer and the authorities at the Federal level."


Compliance of the security system with legal requirements in aviation, transport and anti-terrorist security;


Persistently high level of facility security due to unified approach to security management and centralized incident management system;


Transparency and manageability of the situation for the airport management in real time through the systematic use of innovative technologies and means of minimizing the human factor.

Verified reliability of the security system

The implemented system has significant technological reserve for development.

Base airport of Sochi Olympics 2014.

Multiple hops of daily passenger traffic flow during the Olympics.

6 000 000 passengers annually

One of the top ten airports leading at Russia's domestic passenger traffic

Development of airport security model;


Development of the concept of the airport transport security management system;


Development, design and implementation of the airport transport security management system.

Customer benefits
  • Creation of a centralized security management system: from threat detection to its elimination;

  • Organization of early detection and elimination of threats;
  • Independence from specific manufacturers;
  • Real-time event analysis based on aggregated data from all security subsystems;
  • Minimization of the human factor. Increase of facility’s manageability and transparency for management;
  • 24/7 transparency of the situation at the facility.
Customer feedback

As a customer, we needed a new class of solution focused more on managing the situation but not so much on monitoring violations. Therefore, we chose the Electronika company as the contractor for the project, specializing in solving problems of increased complexity and having a long successful experience in civil aviation.

Electronika’s specialists in close cooperation with the airport's Aviation Security Service developed an airport security model at the first stage of works. As a result, we received a detailed concept of protection and a detailed plan for the future system’s construction.

Ermakov V. E.

The Deputy Director for Aviation security and Regime, Sochi International Airport, JSC

  • The project of the airport transport security system covered all airport facilities and territories.

  • More than 10 of the most modern technologies were applied in one solution: videosurveillance and video analytics (Milestone XProtect), biometric access control into the restricted area on the 3D model of the face (Broadway 3D, ArtecGroup) and fingerprints (Biosmart, ProSoft-systems), e-permits office, automation of office instructions, situation management scenarios (ESM software, Electronika) and other solutions.

  • All requirements of the transport legislation are fulfilled.


Slavneft-JANOS, oil refinery plant. The largest oil refinery plant in the Northern region of Russia.
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