Sheremetyevo International Airport

Igor Prihodko

It is a landmark project for the company! The implementation of an integrated perimeter security system at Sheremetyevo airport had to be finished in an unprecedentedly tight deadline - in 5 months, to implement the system before 2018 FIFA World Cup, furthermore, most of the work had to be done in the winter. Since the airport's work could not be interrupted for a minute, it was necessary to carry out full training during a week in order to go through the procedures within a matter of hours. From a technical point of view, the project is an interesting integration of several different types of technical security equipment (vibro-sensitive annunciators, vibro-sensitive cable, radio-wave means, and magnetic contact alarms of several types) and videosurveillance in a united transportation security control center. Additionally, there have been developed and implemented step-by-step interactive instructions to provide the response support to emerging incidents in accordance with the existing policies of the airport. In the end, we finished a very interesting project from a technical and organizational point of view, which was justly awarded at ZUBR national award in the field of Transport security!"

One of the three main airports in Moscow and the Moscow region. The base airport of the national airline Aeroflot.


To reconstruct the fencing of the existing airport preserving the integrity of the closed perimeter.


To equip the reconstructed fencing with a complex of security technical means and videosurveillance in full compliance with legal requirements.


To finish works in a very short time – before 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Passenger traffic.

Russia’s first airport in terms of passenger traffic.

Sheremetyevo International airport

A top ten airports in Europe.

International level.

Federal International airport.

Reconstruction of the existing perimeter fencing and its partial replacement with the correspondence to all legal requirements.


Complex of security technical means for perimeter: - Security alarm system "Topol-3" based on vibration annunciators. - Videosurveillance system "SecurOS". - Data collection and processing system Electronika Security Manager.

Customer benefits
  • The system consists of certified elements in compliance with RF Government Regulation No. 969 and does not require further certification by the customer.
  • The system provides the ability to respond immediately to alarming situations and allows integration into the existing airport security management system with the help of using DCPS of PSIM-class.
  • Architectural features of DCPS allow unlimited expansion of connected protection objects, for example, connecting a complex of technical means of security service for building airstrip-3 is based on the existing transport security airport control center.
Customer feedback

“The overriding priority for Sheremetyevo is the passengers and guests safety. In order to protect the health and lives of tens of millions of airport visitors there is involved a united complex of high-tech systems and numerous teams of the airport transport/aviation security service, airlines and state law enforcement agencies. Every year the airport lays out more and more funds to strengthen and develop the transport security system. The prize ZUBR-2019 awarding demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of our mutual work for the benefit and safety of citizens of Russia and foreign countries”

Viktor Ermakov

Deputy General Director for security of JSC MASH

  • Part of the airport’s perimeter consists of the objects of third-party owners (Fuel complex, Flight Catering Area, Cargo terminals), which are not related to the owner of the airport, so a huge amount of approvals was made with all interested structures at the stage of project documentation’s preparation.
  • Part of the reconstructed perimeter is located on a low wetland, so when installing the fence posts, a number of non-typical technical solutions were used to drain the space.

Sochi International Airport. One of the top ten airports leading at Russia's domestic passenger traffic airlines.
Multiple hops of daily passenger traffic flow during the Olympics.

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